USPS Snorkel Collection Box Receptacle

Genus: Littera


The common Blue Box and other types of mailboxes found throughout the Five Boroughs, and the rest of America. The United States Postal Service knits the country together, is a jewel of our country, and must be strengthened and reinforced as a bedrock of our democracy. These boxes are tended by both city residents who regularly – if intermittently – feed it with letters, and postal officials removing waste daily (except for Sundays).


  • Littera buxus
    Mail Collection Box Receptacle
    • L. buxus blavus
      Standard Collection Box Receptacle (Blue Box)
    • L. buxus localis
      Local Collection Box Receptacle
    • L. buxus beccus
      Snorkel Collection Box Receptacle
    • L. buxus prioritas
      Priority Mail Express® Collection Box Receptacle
  • Package Drop Units (PDUs)
  • Mail chute
  • Lobby Drop or Wall Drop
  • Cluster Box

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