What purpose, Monolith?

disputo monolitus


A large rectangular advertising monolith, largely replacing telephone booths, LinkNYC provides the local denizens with free wifi, phone, power charging, a web–enabled browser, and large electronic advertising. 


A very large, rectangular monolith, with both long flat sides containing a large display; with one short side fluted, and the other short side containing a touch screen, phone, and power center. 9’–6” (2.9 m) tall, 2”–11” (.89m) wide, and  0’–11” (.28m) thick.


Primarily curbside on major thoroughfares. 


All five boroughs.



Following dark fiber installed years ago, LinkNYC towers spread across the city replacing telephone booths. In return for feasting on plentiful advertising and fiber connection, LinkNYC provides the local denizens with free wifi, phone, power charging, and a web–enabled browser; some locals have been taking advantage of the built–in web browser, playing music and watching pornographic movies at all times of the day.

There are many suspicions of what information LinkNYC collects – the suspicions which increased once  an Alphabet company, Sidewalk Labs, acquired the original provider. There are at least two cameras which capture video, this is in addition to the information LinkNYC collects after a software handshake with the WiFi network. 

Climate impacts

Each LinkNYC is outfitted with two high–lumen large format screens, and continuous WiFi. All of this adds background electrical power needs, emits additional heat, and light around the clock. 

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