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Cast iron stations spread throughout the city, in order for the Department of Environmental Protection to test the quality of the City’s drinking water on a monthly basis.


A medium sized cast iron rectangular box with eased corners consisting of two pieces connected by a hinge; raised lettering on the front: “W.S.N.Y. N.Y.C. Drinking Water Sampling Station”; elevated on cast iron pedestal; generally covered in thick silver paint. Can be opened by a professional. The sampling station is approximately 4′-6″ (1.37m) high.


Found on sidewalks curbside in close proximity to water mains.


Throughout the Five Boroughs, clustering in dense population areas and specific water pressure zones.



As of August 2019, DEP has 965 sampling stations citywide. DEP scientists analyze these samples for bacteria, chlorine levels, pH, inorganic and organic compounds, turbidity, odor, and many other water quality indicators.

Climate impacts

With the Northeast being a warming hot spot, our water which comes from upstate has the possibility to be endangered by increase in water levels, and more extreme weather. These stations will be a key method to gain insights on the condition of our water.

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