Axonometric views of NYC as inspiration

We love axonometric views – a 3d orthographic view of the world – and they are one of our inspirations for communicating the taxonomy of specimens we find. The mixture of precision (orthographic projections can be measured) and art (how much detail to resolve is a choice) hits a sweet spot. You can spend hours on the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, or google, and explore many different views of NYC. We also find a great deal of inspiration by searching the following locations:

Below are a set of axonometric city views of NYC we have recently found, and have found inspirational.

New York Picture Map, 1963 by Bollmann et al

New York City Picture Map – a 3-D Map of Mid-town Manhattan – David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Anderson map, 1985

Tennant welcomes you to New York. Anderson Isometric Maps 1968 – David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Ishihara map, 2000

Map of Midtown Manhattan in Detailed Axonometric Projection. New revised ed. – David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

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