USPS Snorkel Collection Box Receptacle

USPS Mailboxes

Mailboxes – especially the blue Mailboxes (officially called the Standard Collection Box Receptacle) – have been in the news. The new Postmaster General, a Trump appointee, fundraiser, and RNC Chairperson – has been making changes. Some of those changes have been to remove the high speed mail sorting machines in distribution centers, and other changes are to remove the USPS Standard Collection Box Receptacles you find on the street.

The United States Postal Service knits the country together, is a jewel of our country, and must be strengthened and reinforced as a bedrock of our democracy. The USPS isn’t a business, it’s a service. Much like we don’t ask for highways to make money, we shouldn’t ask the USPS to make money (run well, and not be sabotaged, yes).


A medium sized box on four thin legs, with half-round top; recessed maw opened by small handle; blue, with white markings, and individualized markings used for identification near the maw.

  • L. buxus blavus
    Standard Collection Box Receptacle (Blue Box)
  • L. buxus localis
    Local Collection Box Receptacle
  • L. buxus beccus
    Snorkel Collection Box Receptacle
  • L. buxus prioritas
    Priority Mail Express® Collection Box Receptacle
  • Littera excambio
    Relay Mailbox

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