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We have developed a specific photography style in order to bring some level of harmony to a chaotic mess we call this world. We realize that this is a stylistic choice. We always save photographs in their native raw format, and employ non-destructive developing processes so we can go back to the archive file. We use the following shot guide as a default in order to focus on what the specimen does, rather than the appearance, and to keep workflow consistent.

  • Black & White: Use black & white photography as a default. When shooting on iPhone (see below) use the monochrome setting.
  • 1:1 aspect ratio: Use 1:1 – square – format for all specimen photos
  • Specimen photos: Capture all sides of the specimen – front, back, left side, right side, top, bottom (if applicable); try to capture specimen as orthogonal as possible, reducing oblique or perspective view
  • Context photos: capture specimen in mid-to-wide shot showcasing specimen in context. Prefer orthogonal view, but capture specimen in oblique or perspective view as required
  • iPhone preferred: use issued iPhone 11 Pro where possible, saving images in HEIC format.
  • Image editing: use in-iPhone image tools to crop, edit, and color photos where possible.


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