Outdoor dining yurts in Williamsburg

Observed: Outdoor dining yurt village in Williamsburg

We were out and about Brooklyn yesterday and we encountered one of American Express and Resy’s 13 Yurt Villages across the US, designed to support safe outdoor dining during COVID-19:

The Yurt Villages are a new covered, heated outdoor experience available exclusively for American Express Card Members. The collection of custom-designed tents will serve as miniature private dining rooms in a range of sizes holding four to six people.

Yurt Village press release

I was surprised how much I liked them. I’m a sucker for repeated multiples of the same shape and object. I’m sure that the experience at night is nice. The village concept is what I love about the work of Jan Kattein Architects – the human-scale of the yurts sitting on the sidewalk bulb-outs was pleasing, and well proportioned.

I still wouldn’t eat outdoors at a restaurant until after we are all vaccinated, but my risk tolerance is different than other people, and this is totally on brand for American Express.

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