Rendering Prototypes

Here are some examples of line and rendered visuals I’ve been playing around with using Disputo monolitus (c.n. LinkNYC) as a starting point. The goal is to find a way to describe the object, but not to have too much extraneous detail.

I’m quite inspired by the work of Arup Digital Studio and Dash Marshall (examples below), so much so that I need to continue iterating the format so it isn’t such a blatant riff1Sorry Dan & Bryan. I need to have a few prototypes to see if the way people will use these tools as design objects (like Arup) or description objects (like Dash Marshall). I like the combination of real-world photographs with simple line drawings which express what the object does, why it exists, and why it’s important.

Participation tools for a new city centre library by Arup Digital Studio
Visual language for Reimagining the Civic Commons by Dash Marshall

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